The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

moving day  

Oh, here's a surprise for ya...the Muenches are MOVING!

Yah, like that's a shocker.  Anyone who's known us for even a short amount of time understands our family doesn't stay in one spot for more than 2 years, 3 max.

I used to say, "No, seriously.  Write our new address in pen this time, I swear THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE WILL BE MOVING."  Now when I attempt to say something so ridiculous to family members or friends they just look at me and laugh.  Or  they look at me like I am nuts.

Which I am.

Nuts, that is.

I mean what adult in their right mind packs up their kids  "stuff" every two years and moves?!  Especially when it's to another house just up the street.

Apparently the Muenches do.  We lived in FOUR different houses in Delafield, Wisconsin during a 10-year period of time.

Since moving to Texas in May, 2007, we have moved twice.  This will be house number FOUR for our family in the "Metroplex".  The THIRD house in the same development.

Yup, there is no denying the insanity any longer, we ARE addicted to moving.

I am thinking I need to start a support group [in my spare time] called "Movers Anonymous".

Given that I like to analyze everything I do (and do over and over again), I have come up with some reasons why I have a secret desire to occupy new space every few years:

1.  I get tired of cleaning the same toilets.  It just gets boring.  This also applies to vacuuming the same rooms and washing the same floors.  AND, I can only rearrange the family room so many times before I run out of ideas.

2.  I love a good purge.  Here's what I ask myself as each possession goes into the box, "have I used this in the past 2 years?"  If the answer is no, I don't need it.  Donate, donate, donate...

This is the one area Tom and I argue over.  He thinks I just buy the same sh%# again when we get to the next house.  I disagree.  I think we butt heads on this because he's scared he's getting donated or replaced someday.  [I say this because he's brought it up to me a number of times over the years].

I have reassured him this is not the case.  My God, he's been around for 21 years and 9 houses, not to mention we renewed our vows last summer.  In my eyes he's in like Flynn for another 20!

3.  Change is good for kids.  Sharing is good for kids.  In this next house, we are losing 1,000 s.f.  We lose a t.v. room, a 5th bedroom, and 2 full bathrooms.

Just a head's up Allen-Michael, when you come home for the summer you're bunking with Brigham.  And sharing the bathroom with your 3 sibs.  I know it will be a piece of cake though, after living in the dorm all year.

This time around we got to keep the pool and shaded patio area!  (Absolutely essential for living through summer in Texas).  We gain some nice wood floors in the process too!

We'll have to sell some furniture, and live more simply than we do in our current home...but, too much stuff makes me nervous anyways.

3.  Finally, I know it is time to move when the "junk drawer" in the kitchen has overflowed into FOUR.  It is a lot easier to dump the drawers full of trinkets, small buttons, batteries, barrettes, coupons and other "treasures" right into the garbage can, then it is to sort through it all and weed out the genuine "junk".  Time to designate a new drawer in a "new to us" kitchen.

I subscribe to the idea it doesn't matter where we live, as long as we are together.  To me it has always been more important to keep our kids in the same school than under the same roof.  (This stems from my childhood nightmare of moving homes and schools often during my early years and having a really hard time making friends).

Bottom line, I just want to warn you my writing will get even more disjointed, chaotic and frenetic in the coming weeks.  I know you will understand why.

It is possible I will be writing paragraphs in between packing boxes.  In fact, it's highly probable that will be the case.

Looking at the calendar, our May is pretty booked.  We have two major sacramental celebrations coming up [both services are on Saturdays for some reason].  This pretty much leaves us hiring the movers for Mother's Day weekend.

Can't wait to unpack my kiddos belongings on my special day of honor!

I have no idea what I will do with all the extra time I will have to myself on Saturdays since I will only have THREE toilets to clean...maybe I'll head to the pool!