The key to inner peace is keeping life in perspective. ~Kim Muench

I have had a few interesting albeit challenging life experiences, it is likely you have as well.  Some people would be able to rattle their struggles off in an instant, others might have to think about it a bit.  Regardless, we are all learning as we progress down life's path.

I came to an epiphany a few years ago when my son's life was spiraling out of control due to his abuse of alcohol.  It was at that time I realized I could do very little, if anything, to change his direction.  Or the direction of anyone else for that matter.  The only control I really had was over myself and how I reacted to my life as it unfolded.  And once I "got it"  I began to truly understand inner peace.  What an empowering life lesson!

Since that time, I have learned [by reading, listening to music, praying, and opening my heart]  the following ideals which are helping me live each day of my life authentically:

1.  Every one of us is on his or her own journey, but that doesn't mean we walk alone.  You see, we come into the world, through God's design, to learn lessons AND to help others learn theirs as well.  Our paths cross with people who help us understand the lessons we need to learn and to teach.  Each one of us is a minuscule piece of a giant interwoven puzzle.

2.  If we don't "get" the lesson we are supposed to learn, the lesson will surface again, in similar fashion, until we learn it.  (I'll bet if you really thought about this you would be able to connect this concept to your life.  I know our current housing situation is a stellar example of this point.)

3.  If you are still here [on earth]  you have yet to serve your purpose.  Once you do, expect to leave, because that is how life works.  This may cause you wonder what your purpose is...which is a good thing, pray about it.  Ask God to reveal it to you, ask for direction, ask to be of service to Him as opposed to running your own agenda. (Yah, I know, easier said than done).

4.  It is not your job to be concerned with, or compare yourself to others.  They have their own journey and lessons to learn.  For example:  feeling jealous of others who have more money, a fancier home, who are slimmer or better looking is a waste of time and energy.  What really goes on behind other people's doors [whether particle board or fancy glass and iron] isn't what most people project to the world anyway.  You just don't know, so stop trying to aspire to who you think they are or what they have.

5.  We make life out to be much more difficult than it needs to be.  Really.  You and I stress and worry about things that are so minute and inconsequential it is almost laughable.  And, we are wasting a lot of time doing so.  Make a pact with yourself to stop wasting time.

6.  God first, relationships second.  The rest will take care of itself.

Gradually I have begun to incorporate these beliefs into my daily life.  Which does not mean I don't struggle with stress from time to time (I am sure my husband would attest to that), or that I don't fly off the handle with my kids at times instead of patiently working with them.   I am, however,  much more present and aware of who comes into my life, why they might be there, and what kind of impact I am having on those around me.

In essence,  through my life lessons I have become a more spiritual person.  Although this does not necessarily mean I am more religious.  There is a big difference to me between spirituality and religion.  Do you agree?  Your comments about these thoughts I've shared are very welcome here, or if you prefer, through email at


Time is precious, stop wasting it on things that don't matter.