The waiting is the hardest part. ~Tom Petty

This is our back yard.

The place where we plan to put a pool and an outdoor living area.  The kids are done with school this week and in my little fantasy world when we started this backyard project in March, I thought it would be nearly complete by the time the last school bell rang.

BUT, the lengthy permit process (Why didn't we start it once we knew the loan was in place?), and some rain (16 INCHES this has rained something like 27 of 30 days!) have dampened my dream of tanning by the pool anytime soon.

What we have no shortage of is mud.  Which even our dogs have zero desire to be around.

In circumstances such as these I have two choices....complain about a situation we have absolutely no control over, OR patiently wait.  And, as much as I want to be planting the "finishing flowers" and arranging the lawn furniture on the stamped concrete patio, I am choosing to believe God has a plan, one riddled with lessons on delayed gratification I'm sure.

There is a reason for everything...yes, even endless permit processes and rain storms.

I mean, let's face it, if the biggest problem I have in the world is that our backyard looks more like huge puddle of sludge than a tropical oasis, I am doing pretty darn good, right?

So many other people are struggling right now with issues like their health, their family life, their career falling apart, marriage ending, devastating flooding issues...

We all need a reminder from time to time life is cyclical, there will be good times and there will be challenges.  The challenges and the waiting periods help to build our character if we choose to let that happen.  

I will be patient, knowing God has a plan.  In the future we will enjoy many, many fun family moments and memories with friends and neighbors in this backyard which will be delivered to us when the time is just right.