Me vs. Thin Mint Cookies

Oh my God,  isn't this time of year challenging enough without Girl Scout cookie sales?  The weather is cold, the amount sunlight each day is at a minimum, and we have just gotten through the holiday sweets! Somebody please help me, there are cartons of Girl Scout cookies in my garage!

I want to be strong... I want to resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Truth be told, I can turn away from all other varieties of Girl Scout cookies EXCEPT for THIN MINTS!  What the hell is in those delicious mint-chocolatey circles that drives me absolutely nuts???!!!  Even worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) is when I stick them in the freezer for an hour....nothing is better than a thin mint cookie....unless it is a FROZEN thin mint cookie!

When I picked up the order from our "cookie mom" the other night and headed home, I immediately began to get a bit edgy knowing I had several cartons of chocolatey goodness in the back end of my Kia Soul.

And the fact that my daughter has been glued to the sofa with strep throat for the past two days unable to sell them is not helping.

I swear to God those cartons keep whispering my name.  Each time I enter or exit the garage I hear..."Kiiiimmmmm come heeeeerrrrreeee"...


So I quickly developed a plan of attack (or not to attack...whatever the case may be).

I resolved to park outside on the street instead of in the warm(er) garage and to use an ice scraper to clear my windshield each morning, and I am now asking the kids to go out and get me whatever paper good I need (which is stored within our mini-Sams Club in bay three),  I also now ask my husband to take the garbage out ( "Honey, if you want me to stay a reasonable size please take the trash out.") but it isn't helping!

Yes. it. is. that. bad.


Oh for godssake, who am I kidding???  Life is short, the winter is l-o-n-g, and thin mint cookies are my guilty pleasure!

Swimsuit season is months from now anyway, right???!!!

Besides, what kind of a mother would I be not to help support my own daughter's cookie sales?


Maybe I can eat just one....(box)?


thin mint