unconditional love + service = motherhood

mother and child
mother and child

The past two Mothers Days I have written about my own mom (whom I love dearly and whom has ALWAYS been my biggest cheerleader...thank you Mom!), this year I thought I would do something different.

I asked each of my five kids to finish this phrase, "My Mom..."

Here are their responses, see if you can guess which kid goes with which entry:

My mom is more than just a mom. She's caring and compassionate, a helping hand, a leader, and much more. With the kind words, wisdom and whole-hearted love that she brings to our family, she stands out from all the rest. Love you Mom!

My mom is a wonderful, caring individual who is always there to lend an ear or a helping hand.

My Mom is a daughter of God who has beauty and worth more than she knows. She is loved more than she can imagine and deserves. My mom, Kim, is a wife and mother. She is called to bring her family closer to heaven and does so. My mom is supportive and wants to love those around her. She is someone who can be herself as she writes. My mom is open-minded and growing every day. My mom is someone who has overcome difficulties and hurts. My mom is being fought for everyday by the Lord. My mom is a princess to the King.

My mom is courageous and kind, helpful and caring, loving and gentle. She is the best person in the world. She understands me. My mom is always there for me. Mom you are always in my heart and mind. Love you Mom...and I will no matter what!

My mom is kind, intelligent, meaningful. (Get it, this kid used k,i,m to describe me!)

To me Mothers Day is better than Christmas because my children will take some time to consider the woman who (a) gave them life and (b) works hard each day to love, support, and encourage them into being the best they can be. Those statements above are really the very BEST and most PRICELESS gift I could ever receive.

I am sure there are many moms out there who would agree with me!

Now it's off to church to thank the Lord for all of my blessings, and then to the pool for some much deserved relaxation!

Hope YOU have an awesome Mothers Day!!!!