Passing time...

The-Waiting-Game-628x356 My Kia Soul was overdue for an oil change so I took it in today.  What was supposed to be $40 turned into $175...what was supposed to be thirty minutes turned into ninety minutes.

Although I had a book to read, I was continually distracted by the activity in the waiting room.  I must have reread the page I was on ten times before I just gave up.  I kept getting sucked in to the television set which was blaring the local midday news.

I quickly remembered why I don't watch the news very often, no matter what time of day it is.  There were a number of horror stories (the mom who allegedly drowned her son in the bathtub, the two-year-old killed by her dad's fiancé, Justin Bieber's potential deportation, the cold snap we are experiencing) punctuated by short happy notes (a local teen who plays a part in the upcoming movie Labor Day, a young man who had blacked out while parachuting with some friends who were able to help get his chute to work so he didn't die upon landing)...overall, I found the newscast depressing.

I can't imagine what my mental health would be like if I watched one of those 24/7 news channels.  I honestly feel the news, while it means well by keeping us informed, also likes to lead us to believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  The fact of the matter is the world can be a scary place, but  I don't think we need to be constantly reminded of it.  Challenges, loss, misfortune due to natural disaster and human error occur all day long, every day, no matter where you live.

I began to wonder what the world would be like if the news ONLY reported upbeat, positive stories.

Would our outlook on life change if we, as a society, concentrated on the wonderful stories, like the one I saw on The Today Show this morning about the father who is battling cancer for a third time and has written enough notes on napkins for his daughter's lunch bag until she graduates high school.  In case he isn't around to write them daily.

Now THAT is inspiring!

Wouldn't it be amazing if we worked towards redirecting the world to be a brighter, more positive place?!  What if each one of us contributed one small thing from our best selves to encourage, support, or help one another?

What could you contribute?

My passion lies in helping families function in a healthier way, which is why I am working so hard at putting together Practicing the Art of Conscious Parenting.  The website will be launched soon and I will share the link here so you can see what I have been working on as my contribution to encourage moms and dads on their parenting journey.

Will it change the world?  Maybe...maybe not, but I am sure going to pour my heart into trying.