We don't wait for God to do things, He waits for us to be ready.

Look at this beautiful picture of the vibrant fall color Allen-Michael sent me from his campus in the Twin Cities.  It reminds me of the one constant in life, which is change.  And whether it's the color of the leaves, or the season of our life, God doesn't always honor our desire for change as quickly as we might like.

In the last week alone I have spoken with a number of people who are waiting for things to get better or to change direction...a divorce to become less bitter, a home to sell so the family can move on, a new career to appear so as to satisfy our often unquenchable desire to live a happy, productive, passionate life.

If this would just happen, then I could do this/feel this/become this...

I am in the middle of my own desire for change, one I truly believe God is behind.  However, it requires the financial resources we don't currently possess.  Which is, quite frankly, a common theme of my life. As I pray for a solution, I have been reflecting on the psychic reading I had in 2014, when I asked the woman if I was on the right path in my life, this is what she told me:

 "we don't wait for God to create change in our life, God waits for us to be ready...you cannot move on until you let the Universe (God) know you are ready to accept the next step on your journey."

So, why is it that if we appear to be so "ready" (by constantly asking for change, praying about change, begging for a change) God doesn't appear to be listening?!

Maybe, maybe we THINK we're ready, but we really aren't.

My desire for change to happen right now pulls me away from remembering to be grateful for the life I am living today.   I am acutely aware I have a passionate drive to do more, and though I am committed to making the investment of time and energy, I lack the ability to proceed.

What I lack, God will provide.

I truly believe this.

That when I am ready, in His eyes, the change will manifest itself.

That is faith.

Believing what you cannot see.

God will provide the resource I need to take the next step in His divine timing.  I will rest in the knowledge God is good...all the time, because just like in this picture of the beautiful fall leaves, God's light shines through in the midst of the darkest shadows which is right where we cultivate the most profound personal growth.

I am ready God, when you are ready to provide.

All is well.