...frozen custard had no calories. ...I was inspired to cook gourmet meals (or even boxed ones that tasted good...). ...toilet bowls cleaned themselves. ...there were no such thing as menstrual cramps. ...my kids had no idea how to whine and procrastinate. ...energy water actually gave me energy. ...I had a cleaning lady to come over and wash the floors once a quarter.

...there were more hours in a day. ...people were more tolerant. ...everyone could throw their masks aside and just be themselves. ...I felt comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. ...everyone started their day with a prayer of gratitude for the opportunity to be alive. ...we were less wasteful and more observant of what really matters.

I WISH....life was simple, but that is not the case. So I continue to make each and every day the best I can with my heart open, my brain as pulled together as I am able, and my sense of humor intact.

I wish the same for you!