YOU can dance, YOU can jive...having the time of your life...

This is my last week of college (undergrad program anyway). (Can I hear a "Whoop Whoop!!) And I am experiencing a serious case of "senior-itis" (it's a toss up as to whether that can be attributed to my age or my class rank...) anyways, I find when I am this tired, stressed out, and forget what's truly important in life, I want to do one of two and drink my stress away, or dance. (I would be lying if I said I never did all three at once...)  Since I cannot do the former (because I am on a strict no wine and Cheetos diet), I shall share about the latter. Dancing. I love nothing more than to turn on some music and get silly on whatever floor will have me.  (Too old for tables...)  One of my favorite places to dance is at our friend's house in Wisconsin.  Last summer when we were in our favorite Northern state for a family wedding, I had the opportunity not once, but twice, to shake my bootie with my kids!  It was SO MUCH FUN! They thought I was crazy, yet I was thankful for the opportunity to let go.  We adults (parents) spend WAAAAYYYYYY too much time having to do things like pay bills, clean the house, cook, do laundry, drive people from point A to Point B, meet our bosses demands, be polite, eat healthy, teach appropriate manners, blah, blah, blah, BE A GOOD EXAMPLE.

Sheesh!  Once and a while it's necessary to just throw on some tunes and let loose!

I know, I know, kind of embarrassing.  But you know what?  My kids thought I was a riot (not to mention my friends who were sitting at the bar watching and ignoring my initial invitation to join in the fun), and I was having a great time costarring with my daughter Mia.  Sometimes you just gotta let your hair down (so to speak) and "shake your groove thing".  I'm telling you, the next time you are overwhelmed with the details of life, walk over to the stereo, hit the ON button and just move your body!  I am partial to Abba's "Dancing Queen" but, will dance to just about anything...including Men Without Hats "Safety Dance".  (I am sure I am dating myself here...)


Next week:  I Grow Because You Make Me Part 2 (authored by my first "guest blogger"!)