What is a Parent Guide?

A parent guide is certified in educating, supporting, and encouraging parents into a better understanding of the workings of their parent/child relationship.  This includes the process of how to create deeper, healthier connections within the home such as cooperative behavior, less stress, and a more functional family environment!  My certification comes through California-based Jai Institute for Parenting and in studying through The Conscious Parent Course 1 & 2 with Dr. Shefali Tsabary.  In addition, I have more than thirty years of personal parenting experience with five children, four boys and my youngest, my only daughter, who range in age from 13-31.

Which is why my guidance is done with compassion, and without judgment. 

Together we will work to identify problem areas between you and your child, we will begin working on the only thing you really have control over in the parent/child relationship which is, of course, your response.  In the process of our work together we will create and implement practical tools for you to shift the environment, energy, and attitude you desire which will strengthen the parent/child relationship(s) in your home.  Every family is unique, as is my approach when working with each parent. 

How do I know if working with you is for me?

Do you find yourself thinking or saying any of the following...

  • Why is parenting this child so hard? He just won't LISTEN!

  • I don't seem to have any influence over her anymore.

  • When did my cute, happy, little boy change? I can't reach him!

  • I'm so frustrated I could scream, I don't know what to do anymore!

You are NOT alone.  Many, many moms are frustrated and anxious while raising their adolescents.  And no wonder, we are living in a very confusing time when cultural messages are influencing both our kids and us!  But, you can learn to connect with your unique child and yes, actually enjoy their individual growth through their teen years, I promise!

Listen:  If you think you have tried every approach (friending, bribing, grounding, taking away privileges), with short-term or little result and you are motivated to build a healthier, stronger relationship with the preteen, teen, or young adult in your life...then talking with me to see how I can help, FREE OF CHARGE, to design a program that will work for you is at least worth investigating, right?! 

Find out more about my personal guidance by scheduling a no obligation 20-minute FREE DISCOVERY SESSION right now.

Do I have to live near you? How does this work?

After our initial phone conversation, if you have chosen to move ahead and begin working with me as your parenting guide, we will begin an eight week course I personally designed to cover all aspects of parenting teenagers today.  

We will reflect on your own upbringing and the patterns you learned/inherited while growing up that are likely influencing your parenting today.  Some additional topics included in my course are: establishing family values, building effective communication with your teenager, forgiveness and trust, and something I think all parents need to know about...the adolescent brain.  (Don't worry I make it fun and interesting, I promise!)

We don't have to live near one another...in fact, most of my client work is done via phone or Skype.  We will schedule an appointment that works best for you to talk in the privacy of your own home/office (I've even had people connect with me from their car).  However, if you are in the Dallas Metroplex, I am happy to give you the option to connect in person as well.

Though at times I will work with moms through an hourly fee*, the best value and impact will be in working with me through my 8-week course.  Yes, it will take some time, but you didn't get where you are now with your child overnight, right? Each module contains a short video (2 minutes), some reading material (about 10 minutes) and an exercise that we will review together when we "meet" for an hour, once a week, to connect on your progress. This course is designed with busy moms in mind, to give the most value, impact and to create change within your family unit.  The sessions compliment one another and I will support you along the way to transforming your relationship.

No matter how we work together, you will receive a 100% commitment from me to be confidential, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and supportive as I encourage you along the way!  

*Hourly rates are perfect if you are looking to gain some perspective and a fresh insight on a particular parenting challenge you are facing in the moment.