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Mom, I'm glad you're here!

Are you feeling frustrated? Lost? Overwhelmed on your parenting path?

I understand.  Parenting is the most challenging (yet rewarding) role we can take on and the teen years often ramp that feeling up.

Women are born with a natural inclination and desire to nurture and protect, especially when it comes to our children, right?  We love our kids SO much and we want them to be, above all else, "happy."  But, sometimes in the process of trying to accomplish this we find the relationship with our kids isn't what we thought it would be. Whether you are the mother of a school-age child, a preteen, a full-blown teenager, or a young adult I have found the best way to connect with kids is to cultivate open communication and a strong connection...especially in today's often busy, stressful culture.

That sound wonderful Kim, but how do we do that?!

Mom, the key is to work on yourself!  I know this may sound counter-intuitive and maybe even counter productive, but hear me out...when you look within, and shift your approach to life by cultivating FIVE key personal qualities...having Faith, remaining Calm, developing Courage, finding Patience and both giving and receiving Grace, THAT'S when the relationship with your child(ren) will flourish.

And I am here to help!

When our children are young they are often affectionate and cooperative...but, as they hit the preteen and teenage years, gaining awareness and increasing independence, the dynamics at home and in your relationship can change...maybe you've found they have even become tense and frustrating and that's why you are reading this right now.

While it's completely normal and expected to hit some bumps in the road as we raise our kids, maybe you are worried there is more going on.  Are you anxious that your parenting opinion or influence falls on deaf ears, or stands in the shadow of your child's peers?  Are there moments when you feel you are losing a connection with your son or daughter?  

Please don't give up, this is a critical time for you to stay engaged in your child's life because peer and romantic relationships, academic and sports pressures, and of course social media are all going to play an increasing role in your son or daughter's decision making.  

What you need to do is create an environment in your home, and within the parent/child relationship, that fosters open communication and a cooperative atmosphere, so your kids will continue to seek and invest time and energy into your wisdom and guidance.

Just as the world is changing in so many ways, so too must we evolve in our parenting. What may have worked when you were being raised is not necessarily going to be the healthiest way to connect with your child now.

let me ask...Have you been struggling with any of these issues:

  • your child isn't listening or cooperating with you

  • every situation seems to be turning into an argument or battle

  • you feel disconnected from your child

  • you feel you are taking too personally what your child is saying or doing

  • you react to your child instead of responding in a productive way 

As I said, it is totally normal to struggle from time to time with our kids, but if you find yourself frustrated on a regular basis then you are ready to learn about a healthier, more functional approach to parenting your son or daughter.  

My personal guidance, given through weekly 1-hour Skype, phone, or in person appointments, has the ability to help you go from feeling anxious, frustrated, and disappointed... to enjoying the interaction and growth you experience with your child.  


Yes Mom, it IS possible!

What I have discovered in my own parenting, and in coaching other moms, is that the secret to creating a great relationship with your son or daughter starts with your approach.  Which is GREAT NEWS because it means YOU are in the drivers seat to create this change!

Ask yourself THREE questions...

Do I truly desire a healthier connection with my son or daughter?

Do I wish there was more fun/function in our family life?  

Am I willing to work on myself in the process of improving the relationships under our roof?

If your answer is "yes," click the button and fill in the form now for a FREE, no-obligation, completely confidential talk with ME!   Why wait to invest in improving the most important relationship in your life?

A few testimonials from other moms...

Each time we spoke I felt heard and understood by you Kim because your journey as a mom has seen some challenges. I know you never judged me in the struggles I was having with my preteen daughter. I truly appreciate your wisdom and guidance.
— Karen, mother of 4
Thank you for caring so much about my comfort on this journey...you pushed buttons just enough to get stuff out and done but not enough to create dread.
— Carmen, mother of tween and teen
You helped me to understand that my kids aren’t acting and saying things to hurt me, it is their way of showing me they are growing up and making decisions for themselves. I don’t take their statements as personally anymore, I know that this is how teenagers express their need for a feeling of independence.
— Debbie, mother of twin teenage sons
My daughter is willing to talk with me about the things that bother her, both my kids are more willing to leave the house without the usual issues, and together we are working on better identifying and expressing our feelings and needs.
— Jenny, mother of two
In our time together, you have made me realize my childhood emotional baggage and the effect it has on my daughter. Now that I can recognize, I pause and separate in the moment rather than react to my daughter.
— Mother of a 17-year-old
I was tired of trying to get my son to do what I wanted him to do, when I learned the ball was actually in my court to change the situation, I couldn’t wait to begin the process! Kim, you made it easy for me to see that with a few changes things could turn around. And they did! Thanks so much for your guidance!
— Tammy

Would you like to hear my personal parenting story and why I am passionate to help other moms create healthier, stronger relationships with their kids?  Check out my About Kim page.


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