Thank you for caring so much about my comfort on this pushed buttons just enough to get stuff out and done but not enough to create dread.
— Carmen, mother of tween and teen
My daughter is willing to talk with me about the things that bother her, both my kids are more willing to leave the house without the usual issues, and together we are working on better identifying and expressing our feelings and needs.
— Jenny, mother of two
In our time together, you have made me realize my childhood emotional baggage and the effect it has on my daughter. Now that I can recognize, I pause and separate in the moment rather than react to my daughter.
— Mother of a 17-year-old

I have found creating open communication and a strong connection with your adolescent in today's often busy, stressful culture means cultivating five key parenting qualities: having Faith, remaining Calm, developing Courage, finding Patience and both giving and receiving Grace.

When our children are very young, they are often affectionate and cooperative...but, as they hit the preteen and teenage years, gaining awareness and increasing independence, the dynamics at home and in your relationship can change...maybe even become tense and frustrating.

It's during the middle and high school years are when kids really begin exploring who they are, and who they want to be in the world.  Often a time when mom and dad don't always have the most influence because peer and romantic relationships, academic and sports pressures, and of course social media all play an increasing role in this stage of their lives.  Which is why it's so important to create an environment in your home, and within the parent/child relationship, that fosters open communication and a cooperative approach with your adolescent, so they will seek to invest time and energy into the guidance of mom and dad.

Have you been struggling with any of these questions:

  • Why can't I get my child listen to me?

  • Why does everything have to be an argument or a battle?

  • Why don't I feel connected to my son or daughter like we used to be?

  • Why doesn't he/she appreciate all i do as a parent?  

While it is totally normal to ask these things once and a while,  if you find yourself frustrated on a regular basis then it's time to learn about and consider a healthier, more functional approach to raising your teenager.  My personal guidance, given through hourly or weekly scheduled appointments, has the ability to help you go from feeling frustrated and disappointed to actually enjoying the interaction and growth you experience with your child.

Yes, it IS possible!

What I have discovered in my own parenting, and in that of coaching other parents, is that the secret to creating a great relationship with your adolescent son or daughter starts with your approach.  Yes, it's...ALL ABOUT US!

Ask yourself:

Do I want a healthier connection with my son or daughter?

Do I wish there was more function in our family life?  

Am I willing to work on myself in the process of improving the relationships under our roof?

YOU ARE????  That's AWESOME!

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Your passion for helping parents who want to strengthen their relationship with their children is evident. Sometimes it’s hard to look back in order to move forward, but I find it has been well worth my efforts, thank you!
— Mark, father of two
I was tired of trying to get my son to do what I wanted him to do, when I learned the ball was actually in my court to change the situation, I couldn’t wait to begin the process! Kim, you made it easy for me to see that with a few changes things could turn around. And they did! Thanks so much for your guidance!
— Tammy