How to make 2017 the year of connection...

Photo By:  Natalie Collins

Photo By:  Natalie Collins

If ever there was an abundance of clarity from a year, then 2016 was a shining example of how, as a family/country/world, we are growing steadily more disconnected from one another. 

And it doesn't take a genius to figure out there are a few common threads contributing to this serious, daily stress levels, the rising cost of living sans significant increase in our income causing many of us to be living beyond our means...I imagine you can name a few additional things convoluting your own personal situation.

Most of us can see this is a true dilemma, a train wreck happening before our eyes, but do we understand why it's happening? 

Three words...messed up priorities.

We've literally lost sense of what this life is meant to be about...namely, CONNECTION.  We are struggling within our homes, communities, as a country, and all around the world because the messages we receive and perpetuate so often during the day contradict the truth that we are all one.  We are all here to experience life, with its highs/lows, as one collective body expressed in a buh-zillion different ways.  

And we are actively choosing to allow our differences to overshadow everything we have in common.

Like our desire, every single one of us, to be accepted and loved without condition, to be celebrated for our unique qualities and characteristics, to be encouraged and supported in our quest to express ourselves. Without judgment.

No where is this more evident than within our families.  We have just experienced yet another year with a rise in teen suicide, adolescent addiction, and overall parent/child relationship dysfunction. 

My God people, what will it take for us to wake up?!

We've got to find a way to turn this around...and it's up to those of us in the driver's seat [raising the adults of tomorrow] to re-engage, not only with ourselves, but with our children and to build the kind of relationships that can weather life's big and small struggles.

But how?

In part it requires our desire to turn away from 99.9% of the messages our culture spews at us everyday.  A conscious decision to turn away from the collective immersion of lack.

It takes today's moms and dads  having the courage to look within themselves to heal their own emotional wounds from being raised by generations of dominant parenting practices before moving into a mind and skill set that will allow each family member to create their fullest expression.

It also takes our stepping away from the idea that we always know best the direction our children should take and embracing the concept they have come into the world with their own unique intensions.

Change can only begin when we slow down the pace of our daily lives enough to recognize (a) there is disconnection; and then move into (b) a desire and a commitment to change the course.

Yes, it can be done. 

We love our kids, but our current parenting strategies are not working well! 

Parents will not be able to build the kind of strong connections with their children that all desperately need without making self-care, be it physical/emotional/spiritual, a priority for themselves.

If you see, as I do, a desperate need to work on ourselves and the relationships we have with those we are closest to, begin in this moment to make self-care, relationship building, and conscious decision making, without judgment, your priority in 2017.

I believe we are capable of changing course, we are the leaders for our children and what we are modeling for them today is what they will carry into the family life they create in the future.  It's what we did, right?

What are your children learning from you?

More importantly, what are your children trying to teach you through their words and behavior?  

What is ingested at home is carried into our schools, our communities, the world at large.