How to send your kids into the world with a great story!

Photo:  Gabby Orcutt

Photo:  Gabby Orcutt

Do you remember when your kids were born, how exciting it was to fill in their baby books? The truth is, by the time I had my third son there was very little written (sorry Brigham), and even fewer pages completed for the next two who arrived...and today those books are gathering dust on the upper shelf of our bedroom closet.  

Somewhere along the line I also bought a hard cover journal called "A Mothers Story" which I began to write in, with diligence, but was often disrupted by small, needy children.  I know one of my goals in picking up that workbook was for my kids to know their mom as someone other than the woman who brought them into the world and then nagged them relentlessly to put their dishes in the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before I put that project aside to gather dust as well.  I am sure you can identify with me when I say mothering young children, the everyday demands of my time and energy, gave me much less to put into creative endeavors like creating a keepsake. 

But, the idea of giving my children something they could enjoy now, and also reflect on as adults, to share with their own kids, and potentially their kid's kids is really compelling to me.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.
— Neil Postman

Ask yourself, what would you really like to share with your kids, not just for today, but for the future as well.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to work on a project WITH them that allows all of you to create a memory of their growing up years AS WELL AS an avenue to build them up at the same time?


THIS IS THE ELEMENT I HAVE BEEN MISSING IN MY PREVIOUS ATTEMPTS at creating something to share with my children as their life path continues! Working together, creating a tangible treasure, WITH my kids, sharing important messages like gratitude and self-esteem in the process!

After much research, my friend Sumitha Bhandarkar has created a beautiful family heirloom book called the Connected Hearts Journal that she is currently working to get off the ground through Kickstarter.  [Click here to see the video]

I've already jumped on board and pledged, because I think it will make a wonderful project for our family, but also become a terrific gift idea for my brother's families, could be given as a house warming gift for a new family on your street, and even for (now I'm dating myself) the new parents of my older boys who are now starting families of their own.

Let's help Sumitha get this off the ground so that families around the world can work together to create a one-of-a-kind family keepsake AND spend valuable time together learning the most important lessons of life!

Click here to watch and make your pledge now...