Parenting: The greatest balancing act of your life!

Photo Credit:  Chevanon

Photo Credit:  Chevanon

What a gift it is to me to listen, share, support and encourage other parents who have adolescents!  

During the past several months I have come in contact with some amazing people who are also looking to raise the level of consciousness for the parenting journey.  This week it meant being invited to speak with Casey O'Roarty and her "tribe" of Joyful Courage followers!  

I want to share the podcast with you, so click here to listen to the entire 30-ish minutes of Casey and I talking about kids, cell phone use, boundaries, and lots of other good stuff!

(It's worth it, I promise!  Just put it on while you scroll through your Facebook feed, or while you do the dishes, or as you have a glass of wine at the end of your productive deserve it!)

I continue to see the deep value in building a relationship with each one of my kids that centers around allowing them to become who they are meant to be, not who I want or need them to become.  I can do this because I have "cleaned up" my own limiting beliefs that formed while I was being raised, allowing me to be fully present to them (and with them) as they wind through the often challenging and confusing stage of adolescent development!

Click the link...listen...outside of a few too many "Um's" and "So's" (I learned these are called "filter words"...and I'm getting much better at stopping myself from saying them) it's a worthwhile back and forth conversation between two great moms interested in connecting on the parenting journey.

Hope you enjoy!

Share it if you do...thanks much!