Why 2019 is the year to invest in family life!

Photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood

Photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood

Every year it’s the same thing…resolve to lose weight, promise to slow down and “balance” your work and home life, stop overspending, quit drinking…same statements, new year.

Mom, what if you did something really meaningful in 2019 and actually made yourself a priority by taking time once a week to strengthen the relationship to yourself? Do you know how you would benefit (aside from some sanity)? In the process of taking care of you Mom, you would create healthier, happier relationships with your family.

I kid you not!

I’m not talking about a gym membership or starting Camp Gladiator, slugging some super amazing pink drink or buying a bunch of essential oils (all great things by the way), I am talking about taking 1-2 hours a week to develop the most important relationship in your life…the one with yourself!

You remember you, right?!

No matter what age the kids are, most moms I know are mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelmed by the daily grind of motherhood because we are born givers, but the last person we think about giving anything to is ourselves!

If you want to do something different this year than make yourself a priority and invest in a service that will help you become the best Mom you can be.

Listen to this short video…

Now, I am not going to tell you that hiring a parent guide is a one-step miracle cure. This is work for women dedicated to rebuilding the concept of putting their needs above others and becoming filled-up so they have the ability to not only meet, but exceed, the needs of their family.

How do I know it works? Because I have been doing this work myself for over a decade and I have been helping other moms practice the kind of self-care that benefits their families now and will reap benefits they don’t even understand when (if) their kids have children and they can both model and support their kids in raising their grandchildren.

I’d love the opportunity to talk with you more about my programs, don’t let another year go by where everyone else’s needs and wants come before yours Mom. Text me at 972-689-0250 to set up a free consultation this week.